37 Critical Food Items – A Review

Good day everyone.

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37 Critical Food Items Sold Out After CrisisHere is a comprehensive review of ’37 Critical Food Items Sold Out After Crisis’. I will give the review in an unbiased and structured way, broken down into finer detail. The eBook is a guide on surviving a crisis or event that will see the critical foods sold out after a crisis.

1. About the author: Damian Campbell

Damian CambellThe Sold Out After Crisis eBook was compiled by Damian Campbell, a survival expert and publisher, but most of all, a true American patriot. Damian has helped more than  60 000 Americans prepare for countless scenarios that can arise during a crisis. Damian published two guides called ‘Survive Anything’ and the one on review ’37 Critical Food Items Sold Out After Crisis’. Damian believe that everyone should be able to sustain themselves and also in personal freedom. His personal motto is   ‘Prepare now, Survive later’.

2. Preparing for a crisis

The guide give a comprehensive introduction on where to start preparing for a crisis and where to get the survival supplies mentioned. The author breaks it down into more manageable points. This is a great start to the guide because people want to do something but never know where to start. The guide call you to take action and show you how to take action.

3. Survival tips

Tip BalloonWhat I like about the guide is the fact that the author includes tip balloons. These important notes point out specific things to look out for or to do. It is a good visual cue and creates a image in your mind. It helps you remember important things that you surely would have forgot if these visual cues were not there. The overall layout of the guide makes for easy reading and stimulate your brain for maximum memory of the material presented.

 This guide takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to survive during a crisis

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4. The 37 Critical Food Items

Included in the video below, I will give you the 10 most important critical food items on the 37 critical food items list. I will not just present these critical food items, I will also include some useful applications of how to use the survival food items. See the video below for the 10 most important critical food items.

5. What I did not like

Here are a few things that the author might consider when they update the guide.

  • Include more applications for the critical food products
  • Include a few easy recipes for survival cooking
  • Make available a reference chart that could be placed against a wall for easy reference
  • Include a bit more information on general survival and self sustainability

6. What I did like

  • The layout of the guide is very good. It is easy to navigate and stimulate your visual perception
  • The list of critical food items is comprehensive and well thought through
  • The author calls you to action and warns about not getting started
  • The guide was well researched and all the resources are listed at the back
  • The content is not pie in the sky, everything is relevant and will stay relevant for many years to come

7. Bonus material

Bonus MaterialThere are also bonus material offered when making a purchase. All the bonus materials support the guide and your chances of survival. Here is a list:

  • Water Purification & Storage “Survival Report”
  • Food Storage Guide – Survival Stockpiling
  • Off-Grid Survival DIY Backup Power
  • Survival Gardening

8. My final word

If I had to give a rating out of 10, I would give an 8.5. ’37 Critical Food Ietmes Sold Out After Crisis’ is very well researched, although it lacks a bit of substance. I for one, already started my stockpile, because you never know what might happen.

Thank you for bearing with me, but hopefully you found this review helpful in your decision.

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2 Of the 37 critical food items and their applications

Hi there.

Today I will reveal only 2 of the 37 critical food items on the list and will give some very useful applications for them. It is all well and good to have a list of critical foods but if you don’t know how, and for what you can use them, it is pretty pointless having them.

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Now, we constantly refer to food items with the emphasis on food, but what else can we use our food items for? The critical food item list is not just about eating, it is about survival in a crisis. You don’t just need food to survive, you need knowledge about the supplies you have with you so that you can use them wisely in a crisis situation.

Lets look at the 2 food items I am talking about.

The first item is sugar. Yes, you did not mis-read, sugar. I know I know, sugar is bad for you, makes kids hyper active and give you rotten teeth and so on but, there are so many applications of sugar that you simply cannot survive a crisis without it. So, here is a list of uses for sugar:

Sugar - One of the 37 critical food items on the list

  1. Treat a wound. A sprinkle of sugar on an open wound before dressing it, will kill bacteria and help prevent infections. I bet you didn’t know that?
  2. Clean mucky hands. Add a dash of sugar to your hand soap while cleaning your hands. The sugar is a great abrasive and will have get all the grime off in no time.
  3. Keeping home bakes fresh. If you store your home baked cookies or cakes in an airtight container with a few sugar cubes, it will keep them fresh for longer.

The second item is baking soda. O yes, you can’t really eat it but wow, so many applications. Here is just a few:

  1. Mouth wash. Mix a teaspoon full with a little water and rinse your mouth. It will eliminate bad breath, not just cover it.
  2. Body odour neutralizer. Put some under your arms to get rid of that sweaty smell!
  3. Soothe your feet. 3 Table spoons in a container with warm water to soak your feet in.

These are just a few applications of only 2 of the critical items for survival on the list. You can also combine these 2 items and make a roach trap. The sugar will lure the roaches and the baking soda kills them.

Don’t miss out on my full review of the 37 critical food items sold out after a crisis.

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Events triggering a critical food crisis

Hello everone.

Today I will talk about events that could cause a crisis and get the 37 critical food items sold out after a crisis. Everyone thinks that some serious event like a tsunami or major hurricane will cause a crisis. This is true, but not entirely. Have you ever considered a man-made situation that doesn’t seem so serious?

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To give just one example: A few years ago, to be exact, 2010, South Africa had an electricity crisis. There were daily rolling blackouts across most of the major cities for 8 to 16 hours per day! These blackouts caused havoc to the transport industry as fuel pumps did not work and trains were not running. As a result, within a few short days, basic foods like bread and milk started to become more and more difficult to find. You had to drive miles and miles to get fresh food.

Now, these rolling blackouts did not seem so serious at first, but when people started to realise that basic supplies are getting harder and harder to come by, they started to buy canned items. This panic buying caused a shortage of certain items and a crisis started to develop. By not knowing when these blackouts are going to stop, panic buying became more and more serious.

Just think what could happen if there were more serious events like erratic weather patterns that disrupt the supply of fresh food items? A crisis could be sparked by very insignificant events and grow quickly out of hand.

So, to be prepared for these events or crises, I highly recommend you read my review of the ’37 Critical Food Items Sold Out After a Crisis’. I will post this review in a few days’ time as soon as I finished my research and compiled the report.

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37 Critical food items – My story

Hi everyone.

By being a husband and father of two, you always feel the responsibility to provide and protect your family. Because of this responsibility, I am always on the lookout for advice and products that will make my life easier and fulfil my obligation towards my family. I found this eBook called ’37 Critical Food Items Sold out After a Crisis’ and it really made me think about ‘What If’?

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I have Type I Diabetes and am insulin dependent. It is very important for me to have a constant supply of food for me to keep going. Any prolonged period without food could have disastrous effects on my health and even cause me to go into a coma, or even death. That is why this eBook ’37 Critical Food Items’ made me think. If a situation develops where food supply became a problem, I will need to keep going to help and protect my loved ones. Without food, they will need to look after me, and that is simply not an option.

This eBook is very handy and guides you through the simple steps of which foods and food types you will need. It also gives you some handy advice on the uses of all of these foods (and believe me, I was surprised about some of the uses, and yes, not for consumption but for cleaning etc.).

Warning: There are a lot of web sites claiming that you can find this information for free on the internet. Well, that is only half the truth. Most sites will give you the 37 critical food items but, they will not tell you what to do with it. Now, you might think that it is common sense, but I can tell you, you will be surprised at how much information is left out on these sites.

So, look out for my full and unbiased review of the ‘Sold Out After a Crisis’ eBook. I will cover the good, the bad and the not so bad completely, and I might even give you a few hints on which foods and uses of them are covered in this eBook.

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