Growing a vegetable garden

What does a vegetable garden have to do with the 37 critical food items? Well, actually nothing, but fresh vegetables can go a long way during a food crisis.

Like in my previous article, 37 Critical Food Items vs Fresh Produce, I explained that fresh produce could be very beneficial during a food crisis. Fresh vegetables are an essential source of vitamins and minerals and if you grow enough, it could be a valuable commodity to trade with.

You could start your own vegetable garden right now. You don’t need to wait for crisis to happen. You can stock up on seeds for a crisis, but you can also start to grow your vegetables now.  If you start growing now and a food crisis do happen, your vegetable garden might survive

Fresh vegetablesand you will have fresh vegetables on hand. You will also help save our environment if you grow organic vegetables. Having a vegetable garden right now will save you money, give you a constant supply of fresh vegetables and it is a great way to escape from the day to day grind and just relax.

As you can see, having a fresh supply of food can only be beneficial. If you want more information on growing your own vegetables, please visit my other blog, Vegetable Garden Planner. There are a lot of information and articles on establishing a vegetable garden.

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